The Telephone Support Service gives LAN administrators access to experienced engineers who can help them resolve problems quickly. Although it is named a 'telephone support' service, we also include as part of the package, 12 on-site visits a year, initial training, and provision for site-assistance with server disasters.

Our service is cost-effective because we provide pre-training for administrators to allow them to manage the majority of issues on-site. By having in-house engineers who have a broad-base of experience, we are able to help resolve problems quickly.

The total package includes:

Telephone Support for queries and problems on:
• Workstations
• Servers
• Internet Access
• Routers, hubs, cabling and other LAN infrastructure
Available 09:00 -- 17:30 during normal working days

Free initial training to administrators.
This training is targeted to specific needs for the site and the administrator.
Monthly proactive service visits to the site to check server capacity, network infrastructure and LAN & Internet security.

Two onsite visits a year are set aside to assist with recovering from major LAN failure.
This service is to assist companies resume business after catastrophic LAN failure.
As part of the initial surveying for this service we normally undertake the following:
• LAN health check
• Identify need, and facilities required, to provide remote access for support
• Identify the training needs for the LAN administrator