Part 1 - Central Trade Manager Adaptor

Omgeo (The combination of Thomson Financial ESG and the TradeSuite products of the Depository Trust & Clearing Company -DTCC) will be rolling out the next generation of trade management solutions during 2001 and 2002.

ADR can assist with your implementation of this latest suite of products from the World's largest supplier of Post Trade solutions. From small limited engagements to help you understand the benefits and implementation options to providing specific tools which allow you to utilize existing investments in technology you may have already made to automate to current Omgeo products (like OASYS Global) ADR can help.

Our first product solution allows you to take advantage of the new Direct connectivity to the CTM using ISO 15022 format messages while operating in a near real time batch mode. This will allow you to reap the benefit of using CTM but will simplify the implementation.

The technology of our Central Trade Manager Adapter is based around our family of modular communication and information processing products. By using this modular approach, our products have advantages over the conventional middleware approach. The advantages are: inherently faster processing per CPU$, scalability, and ability to 'slot in' to existing systems with little or no reconfiguration of existing client systems.

In the near future ADR will be adding the ability to use FIX messages to speak to the CTM and we are planning software adapters which will enable you to migrate to CTM while protecting your existing technology investment.

Part 2 - Sequal Adaptor

The announcement of Sequal 2000 presented existing Sequal host to host users with the issue of converting the X.25 protocol based interface to a TCP/IP 'C' API interface. In addition Thomson only offered the 'C' API on the Sun Solaris and Windows NT platforms. This presented users of other hosts such as Digital or IBM with additional migration issues.

As a millennium compliance project, the timescales for the Sequal 2000 project were demanding. The objective of the Sequal Adaptor was to provide a cost effective migration solution which could be implemented rapidly and which had minimal operational overhead. Customers may have viewed the Adaptor as a tactical solution whilst a more strategic approach was developed to take advantage of other Thomson services, or as a permanent, fully supported product which provided an interface to a key market infrastructure system.

The Adaptor implemented the Sequal 2000 Direct API known as DCI and fully supported all message types in the Thomson Sequal 2000 Direct Integration Guide V2.0. It provided a virtually transparent bridge to existing systems which conformed to the current Sequal message formats. Implemented under Windows NT the Adaptor was designed to require no regular operator intervention.

Our developers were instrumental in development of the Sequal service for the London Stock Exchange. ADR provided technical support to Thomson for the Sequal Gateway and Workstation products. In addition ADR were project managing the deployment of Sequal 2000 on behalf of Thomson. Given this background our customers could be assured of the quality and design of the Sequal 2000 Adaptor.

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