What is it?

The ADR Rules Engine is a low cost, simple-to-use, software product for decision support applications. It is customised to an organisation's required specification, to assist a user in developing a solution to a chosen scenario, without the need to be an expert in the rules being applied.

How does it work?

The Rules Engine utilises a core application, with the required rule sets built into an outer shell. The user is guided through a series of questions, with yes/no or multiple choice answers, which will lead them to the appropriate action for the scenario being entered. At any point, the user can back up to a question and alter a response to simulate the effect of different situations. Updates to the rule sets being used can be applied easily, either to a central source or via an electronic download to personal devices.

The application can be provided on a number of user interfaces, which allow the product to be used effectively by an organisation's clients, or office-based and mobile staff:

Intranet - usable on an organisation's internal network only.
Internet/Extranet - usable by any of the organisation's clients or users with appropriate access levels.
Personal - individual copies on a personal desktop PC, laptop or handheld device.

Key benefits:
• Staff who need to use and adhere to rules and regulations do not need to be expert at them
• Training time and costs reduced
• Updates can be produced quickly and distributed electronically to users
• Internal staff are not needed to produce and distribute updates
• Paper storage and distribution of updates can be reduced or eliminated
• Reduced costs of all of the above

Other applications:
In addition to the obvious use in areas with regulations to be adhered to, the Rules Engine can also be used in any situation where solutions can be found by a series of questions and answers. Some possible applications are:
• VAT rules, Tax rules, etc.
• Pricing models.
• Configuration of electronic equipment.
• Troubleshooting on electronic or mechanical devices.
• The range of potential applications is so extensive that it is impossible to cover every one.

If you would like to know if any area of your business could benefit from the ADR Rules Engine, or would like more information, including a demonstration disc, please email us.