ADR specialises in management of projects in the financial sector. We have an outstanding record of successful projects in business process change, product development and deployment and information technology. Our project managers are highly experienced practitioners supported by our own subject experts from our capital markets, regulatory or technical practice.

Our approach to projects is very practical. We will never promise to deliver the impossible. Instead, we strive to ensure that our customers are fully briefed on what can realistically be achieved within any given time or budgetary constraints. We then ensure that the project is executed to meet these mutually agreed expectations by working with our customers management and other vendors contracted by our client as appropriate, to form a cross discipline team focused on delivery.

The scope of the projects we manage typically encompass all activities associated with the desired end result. For example, suppose we were managing the development of a new Internet based product. We would focus not only on the technical development but also on issues such as marketing, tariff, sales, branding, client support, product deployment, staff training and so on. This holistic approach to projects enables us to deliver maximum value to our customers and to ensure that all the activities required converge to ensure a successful launch.

Our consultants have managed projects in Europe, the USA and the Middle East for major clients including The London Stock Exchange, The UK Financial Services Authority, IBM, Thomson Financial, Compaq, Mitsubishi, Barclays Bank, Prudential and many other financial organisations.