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ADR understands the IT services demands of companies operating within the world's Capital Markets area. This, coupled with our practical IT experience means that we can provide an efficient and cost-effective way of providing and supporting the IT services for small and medium size business operations.

Our managed service covers all aspects of IT services:
• Product training for end users
• Procurement of new equipment
• Adding new service connections to remote services, middleware services etc
• Managing and maintaining secure Internet, Intranet and VPN connectivity
• Managing and maintaining 'home worker' and laptop systems in the UK and abroad
• Managing and maintaining email systems
• Maintaining the systems
• Designing business continuity
• Providing and maintaining business continuity sites
• Providing and maintaining tape backup offsite storage
• Internet-based Help Desk service means that clients can raise requests for new work and raise problem calls from any where in the world, and see the status of their requests as the work progresses.

For more information on our managed IT services solutions,
please contact or call us on +44 (0) 20 7456 7920.