The LAN Health Check is a short duration, fixed price review carried out by one of our networking experts. It provides our customer with an understanding of any areas of the network which may require attention together with a plan for the implementation of our recommendations. The emphasis of the Health Check is upon speed and practicality. The report will enable management to rapidly and cost effectively address any existing shortcomings of the LAN and to enable the network to continue to meet the needs of the business as it grows and evolves. A typical LAN Health Check would cover the following areas:

• Infrastructure Cabling condition, Cable system design and flexibility, Hub/Switch configuration, Router configuration
• Network Logical Design, User naming conventions, Addressing schema, Workstation configuration
• Capacity & Performance, Server disk and memory utilisation, Average/peak server load analysis, Network segment load analysis
• Administration & Security, Analysis of user profiles, Evaluation of admin procedures, Evaluation of anti-virus measures, Firewall configuration
• Business Continuity, Network infrastructure resilience, Data backup procedures, Server resilience, Disaster recovery arrangements

ADR offer a range of related services including network design and installation, network support (on-site or remote) and full network management including administration. We also supply network hardware and software from leading manufacturers including Internet and Intranet web servers, proxy servers, remote access products and more.